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The Art of Honor – Custom Carpenter turned Search and Rescue Handler turned Canine Carver

Honoring and memorializing trusted canine partners is the impetus behind K9 Carvings. As an empty nester, Dennis Ciesla was seeking an activity which was meaningful and thought-provoking. He discovered Search and Rescue and visited a local team, Chesapeake Search and Rescue Dogs, whose mission excited and challenged him.

With his rescued German Shepherd, Emma, who had been given little hope for “making it” as a search dog, Dennis devoted himself to the training and testing and succeeded in becoming deployable in 2002. Since then, Dennis has participated in over 250 searches including live finds, human remains, and wide area searches and has been honored locally and nationally for his skills. His trusted canines were always willing, obedient and long-serving, some of the same qualities he observed within other working dogs.  

With an abundance of enthusiasm for his working canine partners, K9 Carvings was conceived. A carpenter by trade and a canine handler since 2001, Dennis was searching for the ultimate visual craft to honor teams, handlers, the search experience and most importantly the canines themselves.

With his artistic knack and carving skills, Dennis began to formulate the perfect tribute to honor these canines who perform at a high level with little fanfare or acknowledgement from the general public. Carvings cast in aluminum present an image which serves as a long-lasting memorial as a point of honor for a beloved partner.  Each of his canine partners hold a special place in his heart and for each of them a memorial is their lasting memory of honor, respect and remembrance.

Working canines in all branches of service offer unconditional and dedicated aid in the pursuit of locating living subjects, water accident victims, human remains and various other specific targets. K9 Carvings prides itself in presenting a unique tribute to working, service and companion canines as an act of honor. Military, Service, Law Enforcement, and other working canine specialties are all honored in the production of carved images and silhouettes. Service and Assistance dogs as well as friendly companion animals are also honored through our work. 

Each image presents a perfect mechanism for honor, expression, and a long lasting memorial of a beloved partner and companion. K9 Carvings is dedicated to presenting a carved casting that radiates the personality of your beloved companions.

These carvings may be used in interior home decor, in a garden setting, as a funeral or memorial setting, or for presentation or awards. They represent the Art of Honor and it is our sincere hope that each carving will inspire you and help you to remember your partner with everlasting devotion.

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