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Real Art for Dogs and Dog Lovers

In this age of the cyber jungle marketplace, finding the perfect gift for someone who has loved and lost a pet can sometimes be a real challenge. We are bombarded with direct mail catalogs, postcards, search results, sidebar ads and suggested posts. You may be tempted in the moment to buy something cute, inexpensive, or even cheesy. From blankets to mugs, earrings to doormats, there are quite literally zillions of pet products and gifts, not all of them suitable for a solemn occasion. While it may be fast and easy to find a quick gift online, how can you honor the recipient and pet in a way that’s meaningful and from the heart?

K9 Carvings presents a new and different vision for delivering artistic gifts that honor and endure: one that inspires memories, evokes warmth and sentiment, and creates long-lasting permanence and meaning.

Created from the heart, each K9 Carving is hand-carved by Dennis Ciesla, a quality craftsman who deeply loved and revered his own dog, Bailey. A superior search and rescue dog, Bailey had started to limp - not too badly, at first - but enough that she was unable to run the long distances required for her specialty. While she still enjoyed traveling with Dennis to the search sites, she no longer did the "real" work, opting instead for the far less strenuous "meet and greets."

As time moved on, Bailey's limp progressed and X-rays indicated that the femoral head of her right hip should be removed through surgery. Although the procedure went smoothly, Bailey’s recovery was excruciatingly difficult for her and she was crippled with pain. Dennis soon received the dreadful news that Bailey's biopsy had come back positive for Sarcoma. It was unbearable news, as Dennis adored and revered this beloved and dedicated search partner.

In the wake of her passing, Dennis sought to honor Bailey's life with an appropriate, respectful symbol that radiated all the warmth and devotion that Bailey had so selflessly provided for twelve years. With that, K9 Carvings was born. This original concept memorializes pets in a unique and tender way that speaks of and to our beloved companions long after they're gone. Each dog image is hand-carved and cast in aluminum and can be mounted on the wall or placed in a garden or memorial. 

It is our hope that the sadness of loss may be eased by this loving tribute and that recipients of these special gifts can once again recall the many joys their canine companion brought to all who knew them.

K9 Carvings creates a lasting memory, captured in time. As you look on your carving, may you fondly recall the many warm and wonderful times spent together with your canine. We hope you will share this message with your friends and we look forward to producing a quality memory for you.

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