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The Inspiration

In 2001, K9 Carvings Founder, Dennis Ciesla, became a member of a professionally trained volunteer Search and Rescue team. His first search dog was a rescued German Shepherd, Emma, who had been given little chance to acquire the highly sophisticated skill sets needed to become a deployable asset. With dedication, determination,  and countless hours of rigorous training, Dennis and Emma worked together to mold one another's skill sets for a successful outcome. Since then, Dennis has trained and partnered with two other search dogs and developed expertise in Puppy Development, Area Search and Human Remains Detection.

The inspiration for K9 Carvings sprung from a deep desire to honor canine partners, who work tirelessly in inclement weather, staggering environmental conditions and under mental and physical duress to successfully complete a mission.  

Thus a creative passion emerged: K9 Carvings - The Art of Honor.

The Passion

Cabinet making has been the artistic guiding force for Dennis for 40 years.  With little formal training in his craft, and an abundance of skill, he honed his carpentry expertise, creating a satisfied customer base and loyal following. As a sole proprietor, Dennis has designed, crafted and installed large and small projects in Baltimore’s historic districts.

This lifetime devotion to quality craftsmanship served to instill in Dennis the Art of Honor as a means to reward, respect, and recognition of these magnificent animals.

Advancing his keen eye toward craftsman quality and honing it into fine art was a natural progression. With the love and appreciation for these service animals came the drive for creative expression and, with that, K9 Carvings was born.