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K9 Carvings honors the service and devotion of canines by crafting hand-carved likenesses with exceptional skill and precision. Each carving brings forth the heart and truth of each canine; their unconditional love matched with their driving spirit.

Every casting and finish in our collection varies as a result of the enormous amount of hand work that is required for each finished piece. From casting to grinding, polishing to powder coating – great care is taken to produce a result that allows each piece to have a quality unto its own.

Please take time to review our product catalog to compare each of our castings. The finish on one image may appear different from another product. The reason for the difference is that each cast carving has different amounts of raised, flat and cavernous areas. This can dramatically affect the polishing and powder coating of each item.

Each casting comes supplied with a 3/8 inch rod, approximately 12 inches long, that allows the rod to be attached to the back of the casting. A 3/8 inch nut is also supplied, permitting the casting to be locked into place.