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Lithophanes Custom Made

$ 35.00

The images we have posted are a combination of the original pictures and the Lithophanes that were created from the pictures. 

Our Custom Lithophanes are approximately 5 1/2" X 6". We will adjust actual size to best fit your picture. You will need to email us a high resolution pic for us to produce your one of a kind Lithophane. We supply a suction cup and hook so you are able to hang and admire your lithophane upon its arrival. Contact us with special requests or questions.

Our Lithophane process uses a non-porous plastic to produce the end result.


Window/Door Lithophane panel scenes change visually throughout the day, depending upon the amount of sunlight behind them. The varying light source is what makes Lithophanes more interesting, to the observer, than two-dimensional pictures.

The short overview is - hang your Lithophane in the window/door and the image becomes more apparent as the light behind it get brighter.